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Thai Tongkat Ali, 250 grams loose extract powder

Double-layer, food-grade paper bags within a plastic container; no contiguity of our extract with the exterior container

Why you want superior packaging

1 bottle of 250 grams loose extract powder (not capsules)

Detailed dosage advice for tongkat ali extract

Effective dosages are 1 to 3 grams morning, noon, evening. Unfortunately, the taste of tongkat ali is just miserable (to put it mildly). In the case of tongkat ali, capsules make sense just to bypass the taste. But of course, as with all our products, loose extract powder is more economical. If a buyer decides for loose extract powder, it is best to mix one's dosage into a sour orange or lemon juice.

Order directly from SPB

If ordered from us directly, we ship locally in the US and in the EU. To all other countries, we ship from Thailand.

Buyers with a Sumatra Pasak Bumi order history of at least 1000 US dollars who order through Amazon receive the additional quantity directly from Thailand.

Payment through PayPal

1 bottle, 250 USD

2 bottles, 450 USD

4 bottles, 810 USD

Payment to a bank account in Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, and the UK in US dollars, euro, or pounds. Please email us for euro and pounds prices and bank details. Remittance charges would have to be paid by the sender. Remittance charges are cheap within the EU, but expensive anywhere else.

3 bottles butea 400 capsules

1 bottle, 200 USD or equivalent

2 bottles, 360 USD or equivalent

4 bottles, 648 USD or equivalent

Wholesale Thai Tongkat Ali, 250 grams loose extract powder

Prices for wholesale quantities do not include shipping. The free double quantity after an order history of 1000 USD or more does not apply to wholesale quantities.

50 bottles (250 grams per bottle) - 3850 USD (77 USD per bottle)

100 bottles (250 grams per bottle) - 6930 USD (69.30 USD per bottle)

200 bottles (250 grams per bottle) - 12,474 USD (62.37 USD per bottle)